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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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plus a scary surfing experience. monday night blackout. the lights go out at candlestick park not once, but twice. the first time a game in the bay area a game on the grid iron short circuits the power grid. thanks for joining us. >> i'm jessica aguirre.
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we're not talking about the scoreboard. not once, but twice the stick went completely dark, powerless on national tv, and while a blown pg&e transformer may be the culprit, the bad power play may have blown any chance of the san francisco 49ers staying in the city. team coverage for you tonight, live in santa clara, which wants the team to move there, but we begin at the stick, cheryl hurd was at the ball park when the lights went out, was it quiet, chaotic, what was it like, cheryl? >> reporter: well, it was a hectic day here at the stick. it was supposed to be san francisco's night to shine, but something, we don't know what, got in the way. >> in the beginning it went totally black, all the lights went off. i had no idea where i was. >> reporter: that's probably how excited football fans went when the lights went out before kickoff at the stick. >> the second time the lights went out, it was dark on the
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field but there was some lights, but it was dim and they stopped play and when we were leaving, there was so many people around and it was just starting to get really crowded and rowdy. >> reporter: two power outages, delaying the niners/steelers monday night football game. the first outage delaying kickoff by 20 minutes. the second delay came early in the second quarter, the public address system stopped working along with everything else. >> the lights went off a second time, then we just left because on the way out it got rowdy. >> people are a little hostile right now, they want to watch the game. it's a little embarrassing for san francisco right now. >> reporter: embarrassing because candlestick is on the national stage and football fans are watching the sell-out crowd of 69,000 sit in darkness waiting for two playoff teams to battle it out. many fans using cell phones as flashlights, waiting for the lights to come back on. the nfl security chief reported seeing a transformer blow up while monitoring a gate outside
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the stadium. one san francisco police officer told us there was a power problem in the area way before monday night. >> we were experiencing blackouts all week in the bay view area, and crowds are coming -- not unruly, but somewhat upset. >> i'm from san jose, i can't wait until they move to santa clara. >> reporter: everyone here tonight is pointing to a transformer blowing. pg&e officially is saying it's all under investigation. reporting live from candlestick park, bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. san francisco's mayor was quick to respond to that outage. he said, quote, i have directed the fire chief and scp manager to conduct a full investigation into the cause of both outages and with pg&e to identify immediate actions that must be taken to prevent incidents such as this from happening again.
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the timing couldn't be any better for santa clara. some city council members watch the drama unfold live and say their phones started ringing. could the outage mean a fast track for the nfl to approve the city's plan to bring the team to the south play? jean ely is live with more on that part of the story, jean? >> reporter: santa clara city leaders want the nfl to know the lights did not go out here in santa clara tonight. reliable power is now a selling point as santa clara tries to bring the 49ers to the south bay. when the lights went out at candlestick, santa clara city councilman's phone went up. >> hey, did you pull the cord out there on the power, no, i didn't. >> reporter: moore and other council members just approved an $850 million loan to help fund a new stadium for the 49ers in santa clara. moore says a power outage at a santa clara stadium is unlikely
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and says stable power comes with the deal because santa clara runs its own power company. >> a lot of cities don't invest in their infrastructure, santa clara, our roads, utilities, things like that are as important as football and the reliability, you know, the lights are all on here. >> reporter: 49er fans say two game-time power outages are unexpected. >> it's like i said, remnants of the '89 earthquake. >> reporter: life-long fan james saunders says it's time for a new home for his team. >> we need a new stadium. we won the super bowl five times and can't get a stadium built. giants got a stadium built with their own money. >> reporter: santa clara city leaders are sure nfl executives caught the drama at the stick. the timing couldn't be better. the new stadium deal is near the end zone. to score a touchdown, santa clara needs the nfl to kick in cash. >> from what i'm hearing at
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least $150 million or more. that's great news from the nfl. >> reporter: good news for santa clara is bad news from san francisco. while this stadium deal is not yet final, the city council is quite confident it will become final. so confident, infrastructure work begins next month. reporting live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much. well, the crew at candlestick was able to get the power on within 15 minutes both times tonight. the stadium's operations manager spoke to comcast sportsnet earlier tonight. >> it was enough to illuminate candlestick park. we've had good history here, certainly one of the earthquakes back during the world series. >> during the second power outage, the scoreboards didn't go doubt. the crews praised the fans for their calm demeanor during the outages. as for the game on the field, lights-out for the steelers.
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>> what was it like before the game in the locker room? >> it was dark. >> we'll have game highlights coming up in sports. the last time the 49ers played a nationally televised game at candlestick was last year against the philadelphia eagles. the stadium is one of the oldest outdoor sports and entertainment stadiums in the nation. construction on candlestick started in the late 1950s and the gates open in 1960s. first home to the giants, then vice president richard nixon threw out the first pitch on opening day and the beatles performed their final concert performing hits like "day tripper" and "yesterday." tonight for the first time we meet the man bryan stow. >> i'm nancy. >> hi. >> how are you? >> fine. >> only our cameras were allowed inside his bay area hospital room as the father of two
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undergoes rigorous physical and mental therapy. not only will you hear from bryan, but you'll hear exactly what happened the night of the attack outside dodger stadium. until now his friends have been too scared to talk about it. it's the interview you've only read about, but you'll see it and hear for yourself coming up in five minutes. a dangerous wipeout at one of the most legendary surf spots in the world, mavericks. jerrard butler held under water for two big waves. the scottish actor was filming a scene yesterday when several waves as high as 12 feet pulled him under. butler, tethered to his board, swallowed water and was rushed to stanford hospital to be checked out. butler was treated and eventually released and we're hearing he's doing fine. better check i.d.s before
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letting any worker in. three separate incidents in the past three weeks where men posing as utility workers tried to get inside the homes of elderly people. on the 14th block of 9th and stewart in berkley two older couples were robbed when one man claiming to be with the water company lured them in their backyards. december 8th two men showed up and told a couple they were repairing cable tv wires. gloria was wise enough to make a phone call to discover the cable company hadn't sent anyone. when they came back, she asked for identification. >> they didn't have anything, and all he had was just a faded polo shirt that said "comcast." it's a shame, very scary. >> berkley police say call the cops if unannounced workers show up at your home. also a spokesperson told us the company's technicians do not
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show up at your door unless you're expecting them, that they are always carrying i.d. and always in a marked comcast vehicle. streams of mourners in north korea are paying respects to their former leader, kim jong-il. his open coffin is on display in pyongyang. while it was well-known kim's health was in decline, his death caught the international community by surprise. kim began transferring power to his son, kim jong-un 13 months ago. the obama administration is watching the situation closely, adding stability is key and the stakes are high. >> we reiterate our hope for improved relations with the people of north korea and remain deeply concerned about their well being. >> north korea has nuclear weapons, and we're worried about who's hands those may fall into. >> concerns over north korea's nuclear program is calling a meeting with key countries including russia and china.
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the long road to recovery and the interview only on nbc bay area news. >> i see you smiling. what are you thinking about? >> tonight for the first time, bryan stow, you'll be amazed at what he can and cannot do. then from grass to gas, how bay area scientists have come up with the cheaper alternative to fossil fuel and the main ingredient that will make your stomach turn. and it's one of the most expensive properties in the bay area, and tonight it's off the market, the $28 million pent how house. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. dry for december, even above average temperatures in san francisco, 60 in oakland, 62, clear skies tonight. dropping temperatures into the 30s. we'll talk about patchy frost and let you know if there's a showers in our seven day forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. the story of bryan stow grabbed the attention of the bay area and the nation. people praying, hoping, and wishing for a full recovery. and for the first time tonight we saw and heard from 42-year-old stowe himself. tonight we also heard from stowe's friends who were with him on that ill-fated day in this nbc exclusive. >> reporter: nearly nine months after the brutal attack on opening day in dodger stadium, this is bryan stow today, unable to walk, barely able to talk, and one-third of his brain destroyed. he's at a rehab center at san jose's valley medical center. >> i'm nancy, how are you?
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>> fine. >> i've heard so much about you. >> how are you? >> i'm doing very well, thank you. >> that's good. >> you're just as handsome as your sister said you are. >> reporter: doctors bryan's speech will improve but will be permanently disabled. his parents and sisters look for more hopeful news every day. on this day, he was able to write his name, something he couldn't do a month earlier. >> now we can walk into a room and his therapist will be there and say bryan, who just walked into the room and he turns and says my mom and dad, you know, oh, my god, that's awesome. >> reporter: the paramedic and father from santa cruz county was attacked on march 31st. his friends there with him say they were jumped by three dodger fans. they gave their first interview to dr. nancy schneiderman on nbc's rock center with brian williams. >> he was punched in the side of the head, with a hay maker in
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the side of the head. >> when you say a hay maker? >> it was a running, huge, sweeping punch. >> so a sucker punch from behind? >> yeah. and first thing to hit the ground was the back of his head. >> the friends say the suspects then kicked bryan in the head over and over. the brutal attack was not surprising to many sports fans, some now calling it a thug culture, and bryan apparently sensed the hostile atmosphere before the assault. he sent this text, "it's fing carry here." the beating most severely damaged his frontal lobes of his brain, the part that affects decision making, planning, and personality. the family searches for signs of the old bryan every day. >> i see you smiling. what are you thinking about? >> reporter: bryan is trying to relearn everything from brushing his teeth to swallowing. he is fed through a tube and
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needs round the clock care. he works with therapists three hours a day, six days a week. >> we'll go in tomorrow and he could be different than he was today. he may not be as coherent and receptive to what we're saying to him. >> it's day-by-day? >> day-by-day. sometimes he's looking right at me and talking to me and sometimes it's -- there's no eye contact or you wonder does he really understand what i'm telling him. >> the two suspects in the stowe beating have pled not guilty to assault, battery, and mayhem. their preliminary hearing is set for next month. have you thought about what you're going to put into your tank come 2020? chances are a lot of us won't be using gas to power our cars. will it be electricity, hydrogen or how about the grass that you mowed that morning? does it sound farfetched? not to some researchers. inside an east bay lab that has pulled off a major breakthrough.
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as we go in-depth. >> do you often wonder while passing through any one of the bay area's high-tech hot spots, just what amazing things are being worked on behind those shiny glass walls? well, this is a story of one such building and one such discovery. here in emoriville, researchers with the joint bioenergy research institute have made a breakthrough. >> something you can put in a car engine, diesel engine, or hopefully a jet engine. >> he and his colleagues have engineered bacteria in such a way that you give it plants to eat and it will give you fuel. basically, streamlining into a single step what is now a multi-step process. >> you can cut costs in half or
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maybe down to a quarter of what the traditional methods would cost you. >> what's more, he found his bacteria worked with any number of plants. right now, most of the bio fuel in this country is produced using corn, but using a food crop for fuel is far from ideal. any time the need for either one goes up, so does the price for both, but he found his program's bacteria worked on something called switchgrass, a plant common in most of the country, but it didn't stop there. it also worked on yard waste. >> paper, cardboard waste into land fills where it could be turned into fuels in the future. >> what is this miracle bacteria showing so much potential? well, it is one you've heard of before, though rarely in a positive light. it's e. coli.
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that's right, the same bacteria that if it gets in our food supply has the power to sicken, even kill us, may one day have the power to power us. still, researchers say their strain is so different, so tame, its use causes no risk and e. coli might not end up being the best bacteria for the job. figuring that out, as well as a way to make the process more efficient and done on a large scale all lies ahead, keeping some very smart people busy for some time to come. in emeriville, nbc bay area news. >> you can recycle and reuse everything. >> what will they think of next? let's turn things over to jeff ranieri in the weather center and talk about the -- are we at the beginning of the week or is it the weekend yet? >> it's friday -- no. >> it's been beautiful outside. >> it has been beautiful. i know some people want to replicate it, but others want something different.
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you wanted rainfall, right? yes, she's nodding her head of the unfortunately the scans we're not finding rainfall and same throughout the next 36 hours. that's good news. if you're doing any traveling across the bay area or to southern california or up to the northwest. meanwhile, cold out here, skies have cleared. 37 in napa, 32 in nevada, 37 in san jose. more widespread 30s tonight. patchy frost in the north and east bay. sunny for tuesday. little bit of wind that will help to improve the air quality, not expecting a spare the air day here into tuesday's forecast. a little bit of mid and high-level cloud cover today, so it is clear as a bell across the entire state of california at the current moment. we have high pressure offshore and that's still keeping the storm track to the north, but we're going to start to see the storm track give a little bit as we head into wednesday and thursday's forecast, however, it's going to be a dry one, so
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we'll see another reenforcing shot of cold air heading into wednesday's forecast. unfortunately, temperatures in the 60s for tuesday and throughout wednesday as winter arises, cold starts here with more patchy frost. for tonight, coldest levels in the north bay, also upper 20s and 30s, 35. take you into our forecast for our tuesday. we're going to top out again with some mag nnificent numbers for december. 59 in san mateo, 60 in san francisco. double skies in half-moon bay. up in the hills, also cooler with 58, but down here at the lower elevations in concord, 63 and also close to 65 expected in santa rosa. morning time at, unfortunately dry conceditions,n fact, may be sliding back into a
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drought for southern and central california, otherwise as we head into our christmas weekend, it lo epr sweet. coming back with more sports and news after this. [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea.
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but hurry -- the offer ends january 3rd. ♪ okay, let's head over to the comcast sportsnet news room, talk to john henry smith about tonight. boy, lights-out on the field, but what about the players? >> ladies, i got to tell you, that has been the most popular part of the night. i'm sorry, i have to use it too. any 49ers fans who hoped for a lights-out home performance got what they wished for and then some. datr cenaral peak ahd in a dark central park ahead in sports. ♪
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[ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals.
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and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a boneless beef loin ny strip roast for just $4.99 a pound. pair it with a nicely priced malbec. we have thousands of wines. and we'll help you find the right one. safeway. ingredients for life. and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> i'm john henry smith isn't the comcast sportsnet bay area news room. were the 49ers ready for the bright lights of monday night
11:27 pm
football against the ten-win pittsburgh steelers? well, as it turns out, the 49ers were ready but the bright lights were not. opening kickoff delayed 20 minutes due to a power outage. transformer explosion, power out again later, game would go on, touchdown 13-3, 49ers on top. fourth quarter,rank gore gets in the end zone for a 5 yard touchdown run. 49ers win and improve to 11-3, best start since 2001. now, of course, the 49ers win is the big story tonight, but those two blackouts are close behind. our mindy bach is standing by. glad to see you and glad to be able to see you. >> reporter: well, absolutely. john henry, one of the hall marks of jim harbaugh's coaching tenure is getting his players prepared for anything for the
11:28 pm
unexpected, anything that could happen in a football game, but the players said no way they could have predicted this, on a monday night on a national stage candlestick going completely dark, not once, but twice. >> it didn't affect us at all, we kept focussed. >> it was weird, felt like i was in high school. >> everybody kind of rolled with it. updated them on what was going on, but it was up, let you know in five or ten minutes, then we knew there was a transformer outage, et cetera, but it was light hearted, everybody just kind of just went with it. >> reporter: well, that focus was important as the 49ers maintained their second seed in the nfc with the win, but they'll have to keep that focus in a short turn around as the 49ers head to play the seattle seahawks just four days from now.
11:29 pm
at candlestick, mindi bach for nbc bay area. >> thank you, mindi. here's something to make you sleep well, if the season ended today, 49ers would have a first round bye. the news get s better in better in 49er land. >> thanks so much. >> we'll be right back. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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not buy it is mark pinkas. he says it's not his, so the question is, is it yours, jeff ranieri? i know you live in the city. >> it is not. you would have been at a party this past weekend. the forecast from the skyline is beautiful from there, right? >> great next couple of days. clear weather, temperatures in the low 60s into christmas. dry forecast. looks pretty spectacular. if you own that and want to invite us, hey -- >> i'm available. >> i'll bring champagne.
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it's no surprise california's mismanaged budget has triggered a new round of
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cuts and new calls to tax the rich. caught up in this frenzy, governor brown's proposal has been mislabeled a millionaire tax. the initiative would hike taxes and raise sales taxes for everyone. between now and november, a variety of revenue-raise iing ps will compete for your vote, including new oil and tobacco taxes. nbc bay area will help you cut through the rhetoric, but if we decide to give more money to sacramento, we must demand that we forms are built in, that bumts are truly balanced and transparent, so we stop this relentless charade of overestimating revenues and stgreinndatpe sg. 's your view? tell us.


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